“UnBoxing” Video Topics for the FACS Content

I recently watched an episode of Adobe for Education and Matt Miller author ofDitch that Textbook (affiliate link)was on as a special guest.  This episode focused on being creative while teaching remotely.  His advice was to think outside the box, provide a fun twist when asking students to recall or share what they’ve learned about a particular topic. He suggested students share what they’ve learned in an unboxing video!  How creative is that!  My wheels started turning and I thought of so many ways that this could be used in our content.  So join me, if you will, as I share “Unboxing Video Topics for the FACS Content!  As always, if you have other ideas or you develop a specific project or assignment, please share and I will add them to the list!

Background Info

  • What are unboxing videos and why do kids love them?  Here is a great article from “Psychology Today” explaining the answers to both of those questions.  This is a great YouTube Video example of a teen unboxing her Stitch Fix box.

Press Record Options

  • Students can create their videos in Flipgrid making it easy for the entire class to view individual student videos.
  • Students can record their videos using their phone, iPad or webcam and then insert it into Adobe Spark Video. Once inserted into Adobe Spark Video, students can add titles and music to enhance the presentation!
  • Students can create an iMovie and share it with their teacher as well as their peers in a class Zoom meeting by sharing the link and their screen.

Unboxing FACS Topics

Beginning of the Year

Child Development

Food & Nutrition

Human Development & Family Studies


Fashion & Interior Design

  • Unbox the Elements & Principles of Design
  • Unbox a Stitch Fix Curation for a Client
  • Unbox a Room Makeover (with or without a budget)
  • Unbox Throw-Away Items that Have Been Repurposed
  • Unbox Current Fashion Trends or Decorating Styles
  • Unbox Housing Styles
  • Unbox Window Treatments
  • Unbox a Designer
  • Unbox Fashion Related Careers
  • Unbox Interior Design Related Careers
  • Unbox Sewing Tools (uses, safety, etc.)

Basic Directions

Students would record (using one of the above options) and creatively unbox the topic they’ve been assigned. As their teacher, you would give them the guidelines or rubric such as the number of items or props to include in the narrative as well as the specific characteristics, connections and/or explanations you are looking for.  In addition, you could include other optional items such as a set length of time the video should be, whether it should include a title or music and where (LMS) it should be uploaded or turned into.

I would also remind students that props can be tangible items such as toys, objects or knick knacks around the house as well as items made up of items they can find or easily create from basic materials such as magazine pictures, play-doh or arts/crafts materials.

Assessment Ideas

  • Students would write a reaction or peer evaluation to each other’s unboxing videos.
  • Students could answer a 3-2-1 prompt for each unboxing video such as 3 things they learned or found interesting, 2 things they did well or could improve on or a combination of both, and 1 additional prompt they would add to the box along with how it fits and/or the meaning of it. You could also ask them if they had any questions regarding the topic/contents of the box.


Photo by La Miko from Pexels

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