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Hot Cocoa Cups

If you are in need of a fun, festive holiday lab that is very creative and hands-on, why not give Hot Cocoa Cups a try? Not only are these fairly easy to make compared to actual cocoa bombs, but they taste delicious and make great little gifts or even fundraisers!

Healthy & Positive T-Shirt Messages

What I love about this assignment is that it can be adapted to almost any topic that you want students to walk away with messages promoting positive thoughts, actions, and attitudes!  I initially created this to use when teaching about healthy dating relationships and after using it thought of umpteen other lessons that I could use it with. So let me give you some background and suggestions for implementing this and then let your students have at it as they develop their own original slogans, messages and images about whatever topic you assign.  This is also a great template to use when running a design contest or for club t-shirts or fundraisers!

Micro-Enterprise Curriculum & Fundraiser Option

Interested in an engaging curriculum that combines a shoe drive fundraiser with micro-enterprise and business? Wayne Elsey, Founder & CEO, of Funds2Orgs is sharing a full curriculum that has been aligned with Common Core for elementary, middle school, high school, and home school levels. The curriculum is an innovative approach that can be taught alone or be combined with a shoe drive fundraiser to understand the totality of the role of shoes in commerce and the environment.

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 3

They are all the rage this year. Red velvet cookies are what we made day 3 of the Christmas Cookie Factory. For those who like easy, semi-homemade cookies these are delightfully simple. Red Velvet Christmas Cookies 5 Different Ways! Ingredients…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 2

On the second day of baking massive amounts of cookies, find the red & green chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. Did I say chocolate twice? These are brownie like cookies with the beautiful touch of red and green chips. Red &…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 1

On the first day of the Christmas Cookie Factory there were these irresistibly fun chocolate chips in the grocery store that just needed to be made into something tasty but that still showed of their colors! Red & Green Chocolate…

Grains unit: Day 4 Pasta Fundraiser

Day 4 of the grains unit is the pasta fundraiser. I chose to do pasta as this unit’s fundraiser because most students have cooked pasta before so they have a foundation to help with the intensity that a fundraiser can bring. Depending on the semester and the student’s abilities I have done several different pasta fundraisers.

Lasagna Take Home Meal Fundraiser

Prepare this delicious sausage lasagna as a take home meal fundraiser or in your student restaurant. Read more for tips on how to make this fundraiser a success and download a profit spreadsheet to get you started.

Gourmet Mac & Cheese Take Home Meal Fundraiser

Well, I don’t remember much of this gourmet Mac & Cheese fundraiser because I was in the clinic getting my hand stitched back together. Be careful cutting big blocks of cheese! Anyhow, this is a lovely gourmet version of Mac & Cheese sure to please as at take home meal.

Stuffed Shells Take Home Meal Fundraiser

Prepare these delicious stuffed shells as a fundraiser or in your student restaurant. Read more for tips on how to make this fundraiser a success and a profit spreadsheet to get you started.