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Prenatal Mystery Bags

you’re like me, you don’t always want to teach things the same way; you want a refresh!  When teaching about prenatal development and the changes associated with both mother and baby, the Prenatal Mystery Bags assignment offers just that…a refresh!  This ready to teach assignment is one I did years ago, but decided it needed an update so, in this post, you will find two different ways to use this with your students.  Choose the one that works best for you and incorporate many of the 4 C’s (communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity) as your students work through the activity!

Panicked Pumpkins: Labor & Delivery Project

Thank you, Tracey Eatherton of Ste. Genevieve High School, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri for sharing this FUN, educational and interactive lesson! If you teach parenting or child development, especially at this time of year, then the Panicked Pumpkins: Labor and Delivery Project is a must do activity! It also makes a great display if you have a showcase you maintain in your school! Read on to see what’s included…

Nutrition in Pregnancy: Hyperdoc

The Nutrition in Pregnancy Hyperdoc was graciously shared by FACS teacher Sharon Allen of Indianna! If you teach child development or lifespan nutrition, this lesson is for you! As always, hyperdocs work in both traditional classrooms as well as hybrid and virtual. So…read on to see all of the activities embedded in the Nutrition in Pregnancy Hyperdoc!

Baby in Progress Hyperdoc

Anticipating the possibility of having to teach remotely or a blend of traditional and virtual, I’ve been trying to revise some of my hands-on activities to make them more compatible with 1:1 technology. The Baby in Progress Hyperdoc is a digital lesson that incorporates the prenatal development concepts learned in the Pregnancy Towers index card activity. The beauty of this Baby in Progress Hyperdoc is that the Pregnancy Tower group activity can be subbed in for the digital “What Month Am I?” activity if traditional teaching returns!

Pregnancy Towers–Month by Month

Teaching the changes associated with pregnancy and the developing baby can be challenging! You know that if you just give students the information to read, they won’t! But, if you create an assignment that combines technology with hands-on that forces them to interact with the information, it’s a win-win for all! Thus, the Pregnancy Tower project was created!

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

When teaching about environmental birth defects, I like to address a 100% preventable, but 100% irreversible birth defect known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Students learn about FASD by participating in a variety of interactive activities.

To Eat or Not to Eat? Foods & Pregnancy

Many equate being pregnant with being able to eat “whatever” you want. After all, you are eating for two! However, there are many foods that are off limits during pregnancy. This unique lesson engages students by having them individually examine an assigned food to ascertain whether it should be eaten or avoided during pregnancy. With their newly acquired knowledge, they create a mini-poster using technology for use in a gallery walk activity. From there, t-charts are created and a group discussion ensues as to the correct placement of each food. “To eat or not to eat? That is the question.” Give it a try and see if your students aren’t highly engaged as they discover the answers to this infamous question.