Nutrition in Pregnancy: Hyperdoc

The Nutrition in Pregnancy Hyperdoc was graciously shared by FACS teacher Sharon Allen of Indianna! If you teach child development or lifespan nutrition, this lesson is for you! As always, hyperdocs work in both traditional classrooms as well as hybrid and virtual. So…read on to see all of the activities embedded in the Nutrition in Pregnancy Hyperdoc!


  • First, engage students by having them view the LIVE IT: Importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy and respond with three important points.
  • Students then move into the explore section of the hyperdoc and visit the MyPlate website focusing on “Moms & Moms-to-Be“. Students use this information along with “Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy” to fill in blanks.
  • For the explain sections, students sum up what pregnant women should and should not do.
  • In the elaborate and extend section, students visit the “Making Healthy Choices of MyPlate” to learn more about the specific food groups.
  • Finally, students apply what they’ve learned by creating a one day menu for a pregnant woman. Students first fill out the chart using provided resources and then use the provided template to make their own, using foods from their personal favorites, if desired.


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