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Nutrition in Pregnancy: Hyperdoc

The Nutrition in Pregnancy Hyperdoc was graciously shared by FACS teacher Sharon Allen of Indianna! If you teach child development or lifespan nutrition, this lesson is for you! As always, hyperdocs work in both traditional classrooms as well as hybrid and virtual. So…read on to see all of the activities embedded in the Nutrition in Pregnancy Hyperdoc!

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Birth Defects Guided Hyperdoc

Assigning hyperdocs for distance learning may seem like you aren’t the “sage on the stage”, however, even as the “guide on the side”, you can make them somewhat interactive. I use this “Birth Defects Guided Hyperdoc” as my plan or outline. Students complete it in sections, but we come together to discuss or go over parts along the way. This is one of the best ways I can make my hybrid virtual (Zoom) classroom mirror my traditional classroom. Doing this saves me time and frustration, in the end and I’m really just reworking my original activities, just in a little different format. So, please check out the “Birth Defects Guided Hyperdoc” to see what I mean!

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