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Fashion: Barbie Draping Project

How many of you remember playing with Barbie when you were little? Furthermore, how many of you remember designing clothes for said Barbie? I remember both, so I can’t wait to share this creative project designed by veteran teacher Deb Crockett from Canon City High School in Colorado. Deb has been assigning this project for the last 10 years. This lesson was prompted because she wanted to give her students a hands on experience to the different areas of the fashion industry. This project gives them a chance to be creative in so many ways. Students get to be a fashion designer, a fashion photographer, a fashion writer and they can then expand on their graphic design knowledge by creating the poster. This poster could also be produced using their computer applications skills learned in their business classes. You never know when you might spark and interest in the students, and bring back some fun memories at the same time!

Runway Recycle/Refashion Project

This exciting project was inspired by Project Runway. I have fill three suitcases with consignment items and put students in project groups. Groups choose a suitcase and refashion a garment out of the items in the suitcase. They take before and after pictures and learn a variety of construction techniques along the way.

Tie up your Administrator: Design Challenge

This creative lesson is a design challenge that reaches beyond your classroom. Students are put in groups and assigned an administrator to interview and then design a tie for. This lesson focuses on the customer side of the fashion design world where customers are an integral part of choosing what they wear and what they’ll pay for. Of course a bonus is that administrators get to see what you do in your classroom!

Clothing & Fashion Design PowerPoints, Worksheets & Links

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