Bag Market


  • Given a lecture and supplies, the student will design and price a purse, exhibiting at least five elements of fashion design with complete accuracy.


  • A collection of purses & bags displayed creatively on a table.


  • Scrap fabric assortment
  • Trims & buttons & beads
  • Closures such as zippers
  • Handles
  • Poster Board
  • Markers
  • Hot Glue


  • Lecture on fashion merchandising
  • Explain group activity
  • Hand out bags of accessories & start purse designing
  • Have groups present their design and merchandising to the class and/or judges.
  • Have class vote on their favorite purse.

Strategies for diverse learners

  • Visual learners will learn best through the set and the lecture notes. Kinesthetic learners will love the group project that is designing and making a purse. Auditory learners will learn best through the lecture. Interpersonal learners will enjoy working with other people in the group project.


  • Assign an in-depth individual fashion design and merchandising project similar to the group project due in three weeks.
  • Ask teachers and staff to come in and judge the students presentations.


  • For homework the students will write a summary of their in class project and reflect on their successes and failures.
  • Have each design group present to a panel of judges and use the rubrics below.


  • In what ways were our group projects similar to that of designers and the fashion industry?
  • What aspects of design did you incorporate in your purses?
  • In what ways does marketing fit into the fashion industry?
  • What qualities do males possess that might make them as good as if not better at fashion design than women?


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