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It is our desire to create a huge collection of Family Consumer Science Lesson Plans to help other teachers have a place to start when faced with new courses or topics that they have to teach. It is our goal to add to the body of knowledge and share so we all don’t waste our time reinventing the wheel.

If you would like to submit a lesson plan please send your plan along with any attachments to

Please only send lesson plans that are your original work. Please be mindful of copyright laws and cite all your sources.

Lesson Plan Format:
-Lesson Description
-Time frame
-Class Size
-Objective(s)/Intended learning outcomes
-Background for teachers (optional)
-Instructional Procedures
-Strategies for diverse learners (optional)
-Extensions (optional)
-Assessment (optional)
-Websites (optional)
-Works Cited

Thank you for your help in adding to the body of knowledge!

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