Dietary Analysis


  • Students will evaluate their own diets, sleep, and exercise to see if they are healthy or not and set goals that will help improve upon their diets, exercise, or amount of sleep.


  • Ask the students if they consider themselves healthy. What defines a healthy person? Is exercise just enough? Does just being “skinny” mean that you are healthy?


  • Computer Lab


  • Day 1: go over the project, rubric and have the students start writing down in their journals what they ate so that that day counts as day one. Instruct them to write down what they eat for the remaining two days.


  • Day 2: take the students to the computer lab to have them set up a account and start entering their food into the correct calendar day. They also will enter their sleep and exercise under the “activities” tab.

Fit Day Main ScreenFood Entry Page


  • The first year I assigned this project I held the students accountable to the goals they set by asking them each class whether they had met their goal the previous day or not. It turned into a class competition as to who could successfully carry out their goals the longest and most diligently.



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