College Project


  • Students will prepare themselves for college by researching their college or university’s course requirements, visiting their college, preparing a budget, applying for scholarships and finding clubs or associations to join.


  • Read through the packet explaining the college project


  • Give students at least two weeks of time to work on the project in the computer lab. It is sometimes challenging to find all the information that students need for the project because every college’s website is different. Teacher help is really key to making this project successful.


  • You can also have your students come up with a list of dorm accessories with pictures and prices to add to their budgets.


  • Have students share from their reflections as to what the most valuable parts of the project were for them and what they learned.
  • What things are you most nervous about for college?
  • What are you most excited for at college?


  • Grade Students with the attached rubric. Have the rest of the class also evaluate their peers and take the average of their scores and add it to yours for their final grade.


College Project Handouts:


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