First Impressions: Job Interview Attire

It may be difficult for students to know that dressing for an interview may look different than workplace attire, with the prevalence of casual dress. First Impressions: Job Interview Attire is a hyperdoc that explores the concept of “first impressions” as well as what job interview attire looks like for men and women. This self-directed assignment also includes an engaging, creative, realistic assignment for students to explore the costs of curating interview attire at various budget points. Continue reading to learn more!


  • I always like to begin by assigning the engage part of the hyperdoc as a class.  In this hyperdoc, students explain what the quote by Will Rogers “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” has to do with job interviews. After a few minutes, we discuss their responses.
  • Then, I like to mute the sound of the clip from “The Pursuit of Happyness” scene where Chris goes to his interview in paint clothes and what impression “his attire” might make on the panel interviewing him. After students have a few minutes to record their answers, we discuss them.
  • Next students reflect on some job interview attire prompts by answering them in the provided space on the hyperdoc.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Screen & Projector


  • Since many students are not familiar with how to actually dress for an interview, they explore some websites for inspiration and to learn how to dress for their gender.
  • Now it’s time to get creative and create a presentation of interview attire based on the information learned from the websites they just visited, but also challenges them to curate three different looks based on three different budget levels.
  • Students must curate a Dress for Success Google Slide presentation that includes three (3) full outfits and accessories showing variety in appropriate interview attire for their gender. The budget for each outfit is…
    • Outfit #1: $100-$200
    • Outfit #2: $50-$99
    • Outfit #3: Less than $50
  • Each outfit is featured separately and includes store hyperlinks for selections.  Here are a couple of samples:
  • Students must itemize the cost/grand total for each outfit created and include it in the Google Slide presentation
  • Before sharing the completed project and hyperdoc via Google Classroom, students reflect on the curated interview outfit they like best and explain why factoring in how price related to their decision.  These can be interesting to read because of the various perspectives of students as they pertain to shopping!


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