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First Impressions: Job Interview Attire

It may be difficult for students to know that dressing for an interview may look different than workplace attire, with the prevalence of casual dress. First
Impressions: Job Interview Attire is a hyperdoc that explores the concept of “first impressions” as well as what job interview attire looks like for men and women. This self-directed assignment also includes an engaging, creative, realistic assignment for students to explore the costs of curating interview attire at various budget points. Continue reading to learn more!

Teaching Employability Skills with “The Pursuit of Happyness” Movie

When I first started teaching about employability skills, my lesson was pretty dull, a real snoozer!  Over the last few years, I’ve reworked the lesson to make it more interesting and engaging for my students.  One of my all time favorite movies, The Pursuit of Happyness, is also incorporated into this lesson because it contains a ton of examples of employability skills in actiont!  Check out the lesson below if you need to spice up your employability skills materials!