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Family Crises Awareness Quilt Project

When teaching about families in crisis I like to specifically focus on a select few that often vary from one year to the next. quilt.blocks. However, I also like students to be aware that there are a multitude of crises that families can face throughout their lives. In order to make them aware, I like to have students select a crisis and find an article about it to read and summarize. After summarizing and connecting their feelings to the issue, I like to have them make a classroom quilt square depicting their selected crisis. When put together, it makes a statement about specific crises and draws others in to make them aware of issues facing families today.

How it’s Made: Silk Trim

On a recent visit to Lyon, France I came across a silk trim factory open for tours so of course I paid a visit. Ever wondered how silk trim is made? Quick PowerPoint -great time filler if you finish a lesson early.