Tag: Sustainability

Fast Fashion: A Talking Points Lesson & Activity

Have you ever been a fast fashion junkie needing to update your wardrobe on a regular basis? Many of us probably have at some point in our lives! Fast Fashion: A Talking Points Lesson & Activity has students exploring this concept and its impact, as well as learning about some things they can do to make a difference!

Fed up with Lunch: The School Lunch Project

I came across this blog that is written on school lunch by an anonymous teacher that goes by Mrs. Q. She has made a project out of eating school lunch every day and documents the progress. She is an advocate for improving the national school lunch program. Interesting read if you have time.

July’s Innovative FACS Teacher of the Month: Rachel Baxter

This month’s Innovative Family Consumer Science Teacher is Rachel Baxter, a high school FACS teacher in Mobile, Alabama. She’s taught FACS for five years now as her second career. She was inspired to become a FACS teacher by her sister…