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First Impressions: Job Interview Attire

It may be difficult for students to know that dressing for an interview may look different than workplace attire, with the prevalence of casual dress. First
Impressions: Job Interview Attire is a hyperdoc that explores the concept of “first impressions” as well as what job interview attire looks like for men and women. This self-directed assignment also includes an engaging, creative, realistic assignment for students to explore the costs of curating interview attire at various budget points. Continue reading to learn more!

TikTok: Non-Verbal Communication Project

During an interview, the messages our non-verbal body language convey can speak as loudly and clearly as the words coming out of our mouths! My students love Tiktok and begged me to create some projects that utilized the app. This TikTok: Non-Verbal Communication Project: 10 Non-Verbals to AVOID during an Interview was one of them! Because my students had so much fun with this, I thought I’d share it so you could try it out with your students!

The Job Interview TV Series

If you teach anything about job interviews, you may want to consider using an episode from the television series The Job Interview.  This show takes an inside look at potential employees as they interview for a specific job.  Students get to see firsthand what the interviewees are wearing, how they act and how they respond to specific questions and problems. Employers react and discuss how each candidate’s mannerisms and answers impact their decisions.  This show offers many great discussion points and easily holds the attention of high school students.