The Job Interview TV Series

If you teach anything about job interviews, you may want to consider using an episode from the television series The Job Interview.  This show takes an inside look at potential employees as they interview for a specific job.  Students get to see firsthand what the interviewees are wearing, how they act and how they respond to specific questions and problems. Employers react and discuss how each candidate’s mannerisms and answers impact their decisions.  This show offers many great discussion points and easily holds the attention of high school students.


  • Prior to showing this episode of The Job Interview, I have already covered the do’s and don’ts associated with interviews such as how to make good first impressions, what to wear, how to shake hands appropriately, mannerisms (body language) to avoid, questions to be prepared for, etc.


  • Projector & Screen
  • The Job Interview Episode


  • Armed with their knowledge of interview information, I show students a specific episode from The Job Interview.  The episode I use is titled “Think Latitude” from Season 1, Episode 3.  This is available through Amazon Video for minimal cost.  As students view the program, they complete the attached guide sheet which can be found below under attachments. Note:  I created my guide sheet specifically for this episode.  If using another episode, you will need to adapt the guide sheet to fit your needs.
  • Students are looking at the pros and cons of each candidate as they interview for the position of this company. They are looking at attire, handshake, non-verbal body language, and how questions and problems were handled.
  • I stop the program when the selection has been narrowed down to the final two prospective candidates.  Students then predict which will be offered the position and explain why they believe this candidate will prevail.
  • We discuss their predictions and reasons and then proceed with the program. Students get excited when their predictions are correct!
  • Finally, students share their thoughts and opinions about the shows efforts in preparing people for interviews.
  • Since the episode for this particular company and job was not that long, we went back and discussed the pros and cons they observed for each of the other candidates.  Most students were “spot-on” with their observations and the episode proved to be a great review for reinforcing job interview skills!


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