TikTok: Non-Verbal Communication Project

During an interview, the messages our non-verbal body language convey can speak as loudly and clearly as the words coming out of our mouths! My students love Tiktok and begged me to create some projects that utilized the app. This TikTok: Non-Verbal Communication Project: 10 Non-Verbals to AVOID during an Interview was one of them! Because my students had so much fun with this, I thought I’d share it so you could try it out with your students!


  • This project actually works best if you are teaching about job and employment skills.
  • When we get to the interview portion of my unit, we discuss the importance of making good first impressions. Part of those first impressions include non-verbal body language! That is where this assignment comes in!
  • At this point we talk about the project and platform options they can use to complete this assignment. Since not every student has or wants the TikTok app, there is a way to do this without it, using video recordings, mock templates and flipgrid.
  • This project can be done individually or with one partner and students need to see the guidesheet for specific criteria on how they are choosing to complete this assignment.
  • I provided one class period for students to record their videos after they’ve completed their research and have a plan for their video.


  • iPads or Laptops or Cell Phones
  • Projector & Screen
  • Props (optional)
  • TikTok app (optional)
  • Flipgrid app (optional)


  • Students research 10 non-verbal body language examples that should be avoided during an interview. They also need to include the reason each should be avoided and address the message the non-verbal body language conveys to a prospective employer. When researching, students are to use and cite at least 3 different reliable resources.
  • Once the research is complete, students will need to create a TikTok video or a mock TikTok using Flipgrid and the provided template (thank you Matt Miller from Ditch that Textbook) and instructions. If students are making the actual TikTok, the app will be needed. Either video option should creatively teach us about 10 non-verbals to avoid during an interview. Students are reminded that the entire video, including music, is school appropriate and the required length.
  • On a separate Google Doc, students explain the message each non-verbal body language example conveys and why it should be avoided as well as cite web-sources.
  • Once I have viewed and graded all of the video projects, the TikToks are shown and discussed in class to reinforce the importance of appropriate non-verbal behaviors during an interview.


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