Fair Food Truck DINB Project

If you teach about food trucks and are also into digital interactive notebooks, then this “Fair Food Truck DINB Project” from Lindsey Harlan is just for you! Lindsey, a FACS teacher from Arkansas, created this as a final project for her Food Safety & Nutrition class. Want more inspiration? Check out Lindsey’s Facebook group: “FCS Digital Notebooks”.


  • Students begin by curating a collection of inspiring food trucks and explain why they are their favorites, similar to Pinterest!
  • In addition, students brainstorm ideas for their own fair food truck.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Cardboard or Cardstock
  • Art Supplies
  • Fair Food Lab Ingredients


  • Before students work on the menu of their food truck, Lindsey has them in the lab preparing some fun fair foods! Lab recipes include funnel cakes, fried oreos, corn dogs, fried pickles, donuts and walking tacos! Students add pictures of their prepared foods to the notebook!
  • Following the labs, students are expected to complete the lab reflections within their notebooks.
  • The actual project follows and is broken into parts that include: the theme, logo, target audience, slogan, the menu, the cookbook, the truck, equipment and the money.
  • Each team member individually completes the notes sheet and sketches food truck ideas. The group votes on the food truck design!
  • Students then create a logo and slogan for the food truck before developing a menu with a shopping list and costs.
  • Depending on the theme and menu of the food truck, students must also select and price out four major pieces of equipment they will need to operate their truck and prepare their food items.
  • Like any company or business, students must describe their business plan and write a letter to investors explaining why their food truck product will be in demand.
  • For the final piece of this project, students participate in an in-class food truck wars competition. Students select one of their foods from the shopping list and costing exercise to prepare and present to a panel of judges
  • After receiving the evaluator’s comments, students will complete the project reflection form.


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Photo by Amanda Cottrell from Pexels

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