March Madness Menu Planning with Recipe Rehab

During this time of synchronous and asynchronous learning, students enrolled in Sasha Roble’s F&N program must be provided with alternative non-cooking assignments. During this unit of study, students learn how to rehab or alter recipes using The Mayo Clinic’s Five Recipe Make-Over Tips. Students then apply those five tips to a March Madness Menu Planning with Recipe Rehab Assignment.


PA FCS Standard:
11.3. 12 C Evaluate sources of food and nutrition information.
11.3.12 F Evaluate the application of nutrition and meal planning principles in the selection, planning, preparation and serving of meals that meet the specific nutritional needs of individuals across their lifespan.

Time Frame

  • 3 Class Periods (37 minutes each)


  • The lesson begins with students watching one of the 26 Recipe Rehab episodes, such as this one, on YouTube. Through direct instruction and guided notes, students then learn how to rehab or alter recipes to make them healthier and more nutritious.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Lab Supplies

Instructional Procedures

  • Students that are currently face-to-face will be in the culinary lab preparing a variety of rehabbed appetizer recipes.
  • Students that are not able to complete the culinary lab at home can opt to complete the March Madness Menu Planning Assignment as an alternative.
  • Students must first create a copy of the March Madness Non-Cooking Activity Google Slides Presentation.
  • They will then design a cohesive themed menu for a themed tail-gate of their choice that includes: a beverage, a dip, two appetizers (one must be vegetarian or vegan) and dessert.
  • Students must change the yield of the recipes to serve 12.
  • At the end of the assignment, students reflect on their menu theme and explain how they would alter at least one of their chosen recipes.


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