Prenatal Nutrition

Eating healthy is always important but especially when you are expecting a child!  As a pregnant mom you are your child’s lifeline to good health and nutrition.  So remember if you eat junk so does your developing baby, but if you eat healthy your baby has a great beginning to grow healthy and strong.

Class Time: 2 periods (43 minutes)

Class Size: 12-16

PA Standards

  • 11.3.9 D  Analyze relationship between diet and disease and risk factors (e.g., calcium and osteoporosis; fat, cholesterol and heart disease; folate and birth defects; sodium and hypertension).
  • 11.3.9 E  Analyze the energy requirements, nutrient requirements and body composition for individuals at various stages of the life cycle.


  • Introduce this topic by asking students what they already know about MyPlate and eating healthy.  Ask them to rank their current diet in terms of healthiness with 1 being really unhealthy to 10 being extremely healthy.  Let’s say you continue to eat this way well into your future….project to the future about 5-10 years and ask them if this diet would be a good one to be on if they were expecting a baby.  Discuss what changes they believe they might need to make.
  • View the Youtube clip “Healthy Pregnancy Diet” and have them take notes on the following questions:  What did you learn from this video about the things to avoid during pregnancy? and What did you learn from this video concerning things to consume?


  • Laptops
  • Colored pencils


  • Have students research more about prenatal nutrition by exploring MyPlate and completing the chart for appropriate food intake amounts using the login information provided on the guide sheet.
  • Once their chart is filled in students will use the information to evaluate a diet for a pregnant woman and make appropriate adjustments.





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