Healthy Living Infographic

Tired of posters or PowerPoint presentations? This activity allows students to create their own infographic based on statistics and facts found on the Centers for Disease Control. An infographic is a visual way to represent facts and information. There are a few free sites that have templates to create infographics quickly. This mini project allows students to practice using data and creating graphs.

Healthy Living Infographic Topics:

Infographic template sites:

Hang the infographics up in your classroom after students present their infographics. They are super fun to look at.


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  1. M.Sandoval
    November 3, 2013 at 7:14 am

    You can only save your Piktochart it as an image. However, you can take a saved image and turn it into a pdf. If you have Adobe you can simply open the image file and print. Instead of choosing a printer choose Adobe PDF. If you don't have Adobe you can download CutePDF ( which does the same thing and is free. So when you print you would choose CutePDF Writer.

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