Welcome to the World: Labor & Delivery Common Core Style

At the beginning of this school year, at an in-service program, we were asked by our administrators to do three things within our respective curriculums.  One: Implement more projects.  Two: Use more technology. Three: Become more multi-disciplined.  With that being said I tried to figure out a way that I could combine and apply all three requests into a lesson and so this lesson, and project, using common core writing and reading standards was born…no pun intended!

Class Time:  4-5 periods (43 minutes)

Class Size: 12-14

PA Standards

  • 11.4.12 B  Analyze current issues in health and safety affecting children at each stage of child development.

PA Common Core Standards

  • Reading Informational Text 1.2–Key Ideas & Details, Integration of Knowledge & Ideas and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
  • Writing 1.4–Informative/Explanatory, Narrative,  and Technology & Publication


  • I like to show this  cute clip of where baby’s come from via a YouTube clip from the Cosby Show.
  • To introduce vocabulary for this topic have students complete the “Know, Kind of Know, No-Klue” chart to see what terms students currently know and what terms may need more attention.


  • Projector
  • Textbook
  • Envelopes
  • Laptops


  • Ask students to read the chapter text on labor and delivery and use the information to create a “Flip Booklet”.  I use G-W Lifespan Development but you could easily adapt this to the textbook of your choice.
  • Once students are familiar with the stages of labor and delivery put them into small groups and give each group an envelope.  In the envelope are slips with events that occur during labor and delivery.  Students are to sort them into “Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3” and then within each stage students are to place events in the correct sequence.  Go over correct answers as a class.
  • View the Ted Talk Alexander Tsiaras:  Conception to Birth–Visualized so students can see the entire process in under ten minutes.
  • Follow this by explaining APGAR Tests given to infants right after birth.
  • Students are then assigned the creative writing project where students write a narrative from the baby’s perspective  using their vocabulary terms, describing the whole labor and delivery experience, including the APGAR testing that is done right after birth.  I have my students type their stories and then they read at least three other stories to hear different perspectives and then choose the ones they feel are most creative and should be shared with the entire class.


Digital Sort Activity


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