Variations of the Chocolate Chip Cookie to Learn Measuring, Functions of Ingredients and Recipe Literacy

In the 1930’s Ruth Wafefield invented Tollhouse Cookies.  I wonder if she ever thought they’d still be so popular eighty years later and that so many variations of her original recipe would exist.  This demonstration, lesson and lab using two different variations is sure to grab your student’s attention knowing they will get to sample the end products.  In addition the goal of this demonstration, lesson and lab is to help students learn recipe literacy, practice measuring skills, and focus on the function of ingredients.

Class Time:  4-5 Periods (43 minutes)

Class Size:  16

PA Standards

  • 11.3.6 F  Analyze basic food preparation techniques and food handling procedures.
  • 11.3.6 G  Describe the physical, biological and chemical changes that take place in food preparation.


  • Review measuring techniques via this YouTube clip and then as a class demonstrate and discuss proper measuring techniques and functions of ingredients as students help prepare the “Super Chip Cookie”.  Number slips of paper (one for each job of the recipe) and put in a can.  Students randomly select a number.  The number they pull is related to the job they do.  Some get measuring jobs, some get clean up jobs…it’s totally random.
  • In addition to discussing proper measuring techniques and functions of ingredients, be sure to discuss food safety as my students always want to sample the raw cookie dough.


  • Projector
  • Ingredients & Kitchen Tools & Equipment
  • Colored pencils


Day 2 & 3

  • Reheat the Super Chip Cookie in a warm oven and cut it into pizza slices for the students to sample.  I usually get 16 slices out of a recipe.
  • To help students learn recipe literacy, how to adjust recipes and make baking predictions, complete activities for each (these could be done as stations) with students (see attachments).

Day 4

  • Prepare “Cookie Dough Bites” in the lab.  To test their predictions from the previous day have student’s preheat their oven to 350 degrees and place a couple of their cookie dough bites on a cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes to see what happens.  When the cookie dough bites come out of the oven have them complete the post experiment questions (see attachments).

Day 5

  • Give a quiz on measuring, recipe literacy and function of ingredients and then sample the cookie dough bites.



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