Hot Cocoa Cups

If you are in need of a fun, festive holiday lab that is very creative and hands-on, why not give Hot Cocoa Cups a try? Not only are these fairly easy to make compared to actual cocoa bombs, but they taste delicious and make great little gifts or even fundraisers!


  • Demonstrate how to make the hot cocoa cups before students make their own in the lab. You can do your own demo or show this YouTube video titled, “How to make a hot Cocoa bomb cup idea DIY“. Students have to write and sketch the steps involved before deciding who will do specific jobs. These will act as their lab directions so they need to be sure they understand exactly what they will be doing.
  • Included after the write and sketch directions activity, there are pre lab questions for students to answer to review the video information.
  • I also added additional items to decorate the cocoa cups which included, colorful holiday sprinkles, Nonpareils, and crushed candy cane sticks as well as full sections to use in place of the straw. In addition, more varieties of chocolate can be used in addition to milk chocolate such as white chocolate, pink chocolate and dark chocolate.
  • After students prepare the hot cocoa cups, they can try them out by making their own hot chocolate with milk. This will be a great place to talk about heating milk appropriately to avoid scalding.
  • This could also be a great fundraiser for FCCLA groups to make and sell or students could package them up to give as gifts to friends and/ or family!



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Photo by Julia Larson

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