Famous Chef Research & Bulletin Board Project

Famous chefs can be great role models for students who have an interest in the culinary arts field.  Because of television,alton.brown shows like The Food Network, PBS and The Cooking Channel, students have access to culinary information, competitions and cooking personalities at the click of the remote.  The goal of this project is to help inspire students and advance their culinary skills and knowledge by learning more about these famous chefs.


  • Introduce the project by selecting one of the following options:
    • Option #1:  Divide the class in half and play a quick round of Family Feud with this prompt:  Name a celebrity chef you’d want making dinner for you every night.  The answers used were Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay, Paula Deen, Jamie Oliver, and Wolfgang Puck.
    • Option #2: Use technology and play the famous chefs trivia game via Sporcle found here.


  • Laptops
  • Markers, Scissors & Construction Paper
  • Display or Bulletin Board


  • Begin by having students choose from a predetermined list of famous chefs. There are many to choose from on this website and background and biography information for each chef is also provided.
  • After selecting the famous chef students wish to learn more about, go to the above website to research the following information about their chef:
    • Name of famous chef
    • Facts of life such as occupations, birth/death dates, education, successes, etc.
    • Best known for…
    • Picture (head shot) of chef
    • Optional +/or Extra Credit: Recipe & prepared food sample of chef’s famous food or specialty
  • Copy and print the apron template (adjust size if necessary)  and give students pre-cut construction paper strips ( approximately 5/8″) along with glue and scissors.
    • Cut a slit at the top of the apron and insert the head shot of your chef.
    • Add the name of your chef to the front of the apron with a marker.
    • Add information from above to construction paper strips that will become the arms and legs of your chef.  Glue strips to your apron.
    • After presenting your chef to the class, and sampling the food (if doing the extra credit or optional part of this assignment), add the chef to the class bulletin board titled: Famous Chefs
  • As an assessment or review of class chefs before a quiz, create a trivia review game at Sporcle

Optional Bulletin Board Idea

  • Create a fun bulletin board of your student chefs by having them insert their own photo as the famous chef.  They can add their own information as it pertains to their age, cooking ability, specialty foods, etc.



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