Goals Make You Reach the Sky Activity & Bulletin Board

Students learn how important goals are and learn to make their own using guidelines. This is a fun, interactive lesson to get students to think about and write down what they want from their own lives.

Time Frame: 2-4 Periods
Class Size: 5+


  • Students determine goals that meet their lifestyles.
  • Students tie values and goals together with what is important to them.


  • Start by teaching values and how they relate to personality and their self.
  • Expand on goal setting, guidelines, and vocabulary such as long and short term goals, prioritizing, resources (human, material, community) and how goals can be met.


  • Lecture notes
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Tape
  • Camera
  • Printing service or photo lab (Like Walgreens/CVS, etc).
  • Writing utensils
  • Balloon stencils to trace

Background for Teachers

  • I used a digital camera and told them to be camera ready the day I planned to take their pictures.

Instructional Procedures

  1. Lecture on values, goals, personality
  2. Create a list of goals using the guidelines for setting goals (specific, realistic, time frame, resources)
  3. Have students pick three (I did mine for with a Marriage and Family class so their goals had to relate to them and their future families).
  4. Using construction paper (the more colors the better) have students cut balloon shapes out (3) and write a goal on each one.
  5. Using tape, secure the string to the balloon.
  6. Have students pose individually as if they were holding the strings to the balloons and take their picture.
  7. Print pictures out.
  8. Student cut their pictures around their bodies (head to toes) and attach to the string by their hands.
  9. Display around the class for a fun reminder of their goals and cute, decor too!



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