Show Me the TV Family: Paper Plate Project

After teaching several lessons on family structures, family functions, and family life cycle stages, I use this lesson/project as a way for students to review and apply information learned as well as a way for me to assess their learning. Students select a television family and create a TV Paper Plate Project using their knowledge of family to complete it.  Students use mobile labs to research any unknown information about their TV family such as names of all family members or jobs TV parents held, etc.

Time Frame: 1.5-2 Periods (43 minutes)

Class Size: 16


  • To review and apply family structure, family functions, and family life cycle stages information learned about the family through an interactive project.


  • Brainstorm “TV families” as a class. Here are some to get you started:
    • Prichetts
    • Cleavers
    • Andersons
    • Full House
    • Jetsons
    • Simpsons
    • Cosby
    • Cunningham
    • Brady
    • Griffin


  • Paper Plate–ones you can fold and write directly on.
  • Colored markers or pencils
  • Scissors
  • Computer Access

Background for Teachers

  • Knowledge of family structures, family functions, and family life cycle stages.

Instructional Procedures

  • Students select a television family (older or current)to use to complete their TV paper plate project.  Students may use their notes as well as mobile labs to gather information about their TV family to complete the project.
  • Divide paper plate into 8 sections
  • Glue a picture of “the family” in the center
    • Section 1: Title & Your Name
    • Section 2: TV Family Name & family structure type
    • Section 3: TV Family Member’s Names & identities
    • Section 4: Basic Roles & tasks each member is responsible for
    • Section 5: Stage of family life cycle
    • Section 6: Identify family challenges
    • Section 7: Advantages & positive characteristics of this family
    • Section 8: Family functions


  • Create a TV Paper Plate Project that shows me your knowledge of family information learned within the unit.


  • After projects have been completed and graded I hang them around my room.  Students from other classes enjoy viewing and reading about older and current TV families.


  • Project grading rubric (second page of attachment)


Digital Version

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2 comments for “Show Me the TV Family: Paper Plate Project

  1. Patches M.
    February 23, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    My students absolutely enjoyed this project. It was very easy to use and a dream to grade. Thank you so much for your effort.

    The Family Life Cycle Stages in the Jetson example do not align with the textbook that my student's use as a project resource. I went to correct the assignment sheet and realized that it's a pdf so I can't change it. Could I possibly get a word document so that I can make this limited adjustment. I will leave your credit be on the bottom of the assignment sheet. 🙂

    Thank you,

    FCS Teacher -Idaho

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