Kitchen Tools E-Learning Assignment

Since no one is quite sure what the next school year will look like, I’ve been working on updating some of my lessons for remote learning…just in case! This Kitchen Tools E-Learning Assignment comes to you early as I had a teacher request for some engaging ways to teach kitchen tools remotely. Not only can this Kitchen Tools E-Learning assignment be used in remote learning, but could also be used in the regular classroom.


  • If I was in my actual classroom, I would ask for a volunteer. From the volunteers, I would try to choose a good-natured one. I would ask the volunteer to go to the kitchen and bring me back a “thing-a-majig”. This always makes the class laugh and the volunteer, completely dumbfounded, brings me something. I shake my head and tell them, “no, that’s a whatamacallit” and send them back. Eventually, students figure out that nothing they bring me will be correct. Why?
  • We discuss the fact that those terms are vague and can mean anything and mean different things to different people. This is why kitchen tools have specific names! It’s also important to know what the tools purpose is because many times a recipe will assume you know.


  • The first part of the kitchen tools web activities assignment asks students to utilize a web resource from America’s Test Kitchen titled, “A Comprehensive List of the Very Best Cooking Items for Kids”.
  • Students use the web resource to fill in the classification sections on the assignment. Students then go to the kitchen (it can be home or school) and look for tools that fit each of the classifications and descriptions. It’s basicially a scavenger hunt that gets students exploring the items they have access to.
  • Next, students play a review game that I created on the Wordwall site that has them practice matching up the kitchen tool classifications with their correct descriptions. Students screenshot their results and then insert it into the document so I can see how they did.
  • The next part students must complete is the digital Kitchen Sort Activity that could be used as review or it could be a graded assessment. If I was using this in the actual classroom, I would consider printing it off and providing actual highlighters. Either option works and is up to you!
  • In the next section of the assignment, students practice identifying common kitchen tools. All of the tools were in the web resource and are pretty common. Again, I used Wordwall to create a Balloon Pop game review that is not as easy as it looks. Students play and screenshot their results, inserting them into the document. The game starts out pretty easy, but speeds up as the levels progress and students are timed.
  • Finally, students take the Kitchen Tools & Gadget Quiz on the How Stuff Works website. This is purely review as it includes some additional tools not included in the web resource but are part of many home and school kitchens. Again, students screenshot their results and insert them into the document.
  • I haven’t created an actual quiz to use with this lesson yet, but would consider creating one in Quizizz, Quizlet or Google Forms because it would be graded by the site and easily used in remote learning.
  • Notes about Wordwall: There is a free version that is relatively easy to use and includes a ton of game templates. However, it only allows you to create 5 activities. I see alot of potential with this tool and am personally considering a subscription. If you’ve used this site and/or have a subcription, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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