Baby Sign Language Project for E-Learning

Another THANK YOU to Katelyn Propper who has shared back her adaptation of my original Baby Sign Language lesson. Katelyn’s version of Baby Sign Language Project for E-Learning is set up for remote learning and covers all of the information using a variety of technologies. Read on to see how she’s done this in her Baby Sign Language Project for E-Learning!


  • Katelyn begins by discussing the topics of passive and active vocabulary and explains the frustration of knowing what you want to say or what you want, and knowing what it’s called but not being able to tell someone. I have them “imagine” they’re at lunch and want their water but can’t say it, so someone hands them the bread instead type of thing.
  • If you have the Child Development Text by Goodheart Wilcox, you could also have students take notes on the following
    • Baby Signs – a formal sign language for hearing babies.
    • Involves 100+ gestures (some from American Sign Language)
      Babies can use their hands before more intricate muscles are needed for more words.
    • Parents should start signing when the infant is about 6 months old.
    • The infant will start signing two months after.
    • Research shows that signing babies out perform non-signing babies later in life in spoken vocabulary, sentence structure, and reading skills. 
  • You could also show students this cute YouTube video of an actual baby demonstrating baby signs.


  • Students complete the first day of the project by answering questions regarding baby sign language. The internet is utilized in finding the answers and students add their responses to a Google Slide template, citing their sources.
  • On the second day, students are given assigned baby sign language words to look up in the dictionary. Words are assigned from the same website to ensure students can find the signs.
  • Students learn and practice their sign and then record themselves signing it as they make a Flipgrid video
  • On the last day, students answer the prompt:
    • Baby Sign Language: Good Idea or Bad Idea? Use your researched information to aid you in your written response on a Google document.


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