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Another THANK YOU goes out to Holly Kelley for sharing this Pies Hyperdoc for E-Learning! In this lesson, students explore the history of pies, learn more about pies via an embedded PearDeck presentation, Ed-Puzzle videos before applying their knowledge and pie making skills at home. If you were planning on a pie unit for this spring, this Pies Hyperdoc might be the perfect solution!


  • Students first explore the history of pies by reading an article and sharing their takeaways on how to prepare the perfect crust.
  • Next, students complete the embedded Pear Deck presentation, learning about actual pie baking techniques.
  • Holly made a Pear Deck account and then from there, students access the code to participate in the slides presentation. It is an interactive slides presentation in class typically so students cannot move on without you and they have to answer questions as they go. You can also turn on student-paced as well.


  • Pies Hyperdoc (please make a copy if you wish to edit or share with your students)

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