Family Resume

The Family Resume is a great project to culminate a family unit as it asks students to apply the information and concepts learned to their own family. This family resume project has E-Learning written all over it, but can definitely be used in a traditional classroom as well!


  • Make sure you have taught or reviewed all of the concepts that are included in the family resume project before assigning.
  • If students are not familiar with how resumes are set up, you may want to review the format or provide a template for them to use.


  • Review the directions and criteria before students begin to answer any questions.
  • Directions ask students to create a typed resume in Google Docs that demonstrates their understanding of family characteristics and information learned in class as it applies to their personal family.
  • Resume criteria includes:
    • Name & Address
    • Objective: Personal Definition & Purpose
    • Education
    • Relevant Courses
    • Activities & Honor
    • Related Information: Family Type (Structure), Family Life Cycle Stage, Pros/Cons of Family Life Cycle Position, Strong Family Traits and Technological Advances
    • Family Functions
    • Family References or Relationships
    • Family Summary


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