Impact of Technology on the Family

It’s been said that the only thing that is constant in life is “change”. Our world is constantly changing and families are not insulated from the changes that occur in the society in which they live. One thing that seems to be changing at rapid speed is technology. So is technology and all of it’s advances helping or hurting the American family? Let your students decide with this interactive lesson that explores the impact of technology on various aspects of family life.

Time Frame:  2 Class Periods (43 minutes long)

Class Size:  16


  • 1.1.2  Analyze the effects of social, economic and technological change on work and family dynamics.


  • Introduce the lesson with the “Title this Picture” activity.  Individually show each picture in the provided powerpoint and then go back and have students share titles and explain how they arrived at the titles they did.


  • Powerpoint
  • Projector & SMARTBOARD
  • Post-it-Notes
  • Butcher Paper



  • Based on the introductory activity think about how technology has invaded family life, health & medicine, environment, jobs & income, and education.
  • Complete one topic at a time by giving each student a post-it-note and have them think about how technology has invaded the “topic”positively or negatively and complete the phrase.  For example, “Technology has invaded family life…”.  Students will place their completed post-it-note response to the corresponding titled butcher paper.  Repeat the process for each topic and then…
  • Divide the class into 5 groups and give each group one of the butcher paper/post-it-note repsonse sheet and have them read through all the responses and decided which are positive and which are negative.
  • Finally, small groups are to write and present a conclusion summarizing the results and include some examples from the activity to support it.
  • View a YouTube example of a family who was on technology overload.  Does your your family suffer from technology overload?  Discuss




  • For homework students will explore the cause and effect impact of change in various areas of life and complete the follow up activities the next day (see lesson plan below).


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