Pinterest Themed Activities for Children’s Storybooks

Pinterest in the classroom? Absolutely! Pinterest is an online bulletin board where you can keep track of internet ideas and sources under specific categories or boards that you create. Like me, my students enjoy Pinterest so I thought why not incorporate it into a class assignment. This assignment was designed for my Child Development classes when researching ways to extend or “stretch” a children’s storybook. After students choose a children’s book and identify the theme then the pinning begins by researching specific theme related, age appropriate activities that can extend their chosen book in the following areas:  literacy concepts, movement or game activities, math or science concepts, arts & crafts and snacks.
Time Frame: 2-3 periods (43 minutes long)
Class Size: 12
  • Students will research theme related, age appropriate activities for preschoolers to extend a children’s storybook.
PA Standards
  • 11.4.12 E Identify practices that develop the child’s imagination, creativity and reading and writing skills through literature.
  • Supply a variety of age appropriate children’s storybooks.
  • Have a working knowledge of Pinterest.
  • Children’s Storybooks
  • Computers
  • Students will choose a children’s storybook and then complete the pinning instructions on the project guidesheet.
  • Set up a Pinterest account for any students who don’t currently have one and create a board for their chosen book.
  • Students will research theme related activities that apply to their chosen book.
  • Once activities are chosen, students will pin htem to their Pinterest board and complete the appropriate descriptions and labels for each selection by category.
  • If your school has access to child care centers, students could read and implement several of their theme related activities with the children.
  • See rubric included in the project guidesheet.
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