Assessments in a Bag

This idea came about because I was looking for an alternate way to assess my students about their knowledge of a particular unit or topic besides administering a test.  Instead, I developed a partner or small group interactive, cooperative based assessment that fits neatly and concisely into a bag.  Each includes detailed guide sheets for students to follow as well as rubrics for teachers to use in grading.

Time Frame:  2-3 class periods (43 minutes)

Class Size:  12


  • paper bags (you determine the size)
  • magazines
  • art supplies: glue, markers, scissors, construction paper, etc
  • index cards
  • cardstock


  • Create partners or small groups depending on class size.
  • Allow students to use their notes and resources to complete specific activities for the bag assessment.
  • Go over the criteria for the assessment and answer any questions
  • Remind students to label and put their name on all parts of the project.

Assessment Projects

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