Strong Family Traits Inspired by Duck Dynasty

There’s a lot of buzz out there about this popular TV show called “Duck Dynasty” so I decided to watch it and discovered that it would be a great show to illustrate the traits of a strong family.  This lesson introduces the traits of strong families to students, helps them recognize the traits in their own families as well as others, and then students create a PSA to help spread the word on the importance of strong families.

Class Time:  4-5 periods (43 minutes)

Class Size:  16

PA Standards

  • 11.2.12 C  Analyze teamwork and leadership skills in their application in various family and work situations.


  • Ask students what trees and families have in common?  Brainstorm a list and then share lists as a class.  Possible answers may include:  both grow and mature over time, both are necessary for a healthy environment, both provide needs (food-clothing-shelter v nuts/fruits-shade-oxygen), both can be strong and supportive, both can be fragile and breakable in stressful environments, both can endure much stress, and both include many types/variations with unique qualities.
  • Discuss that just as there are many qualities that make a tree strong such as how deep the roots are , the type of soil the exposure to natural elements, disasters and man made problems such as fires can weaken and even destroy it. Families are no different.
  • Research has found that the strongest of families possess six common traits:  commitment, communication skills, appreciation, spiritual wellness, coping skills and spending time together.


  • Poster Supplies
  • Magazines
  • Projector
  • Duck Dynasty Episode
  • Laptops


  • To learn more about the strong family traits, have students jigsaw learn/teach them to the class.  Count students off by six and put them into small groups.  Each group will receive a trait and using classroom resources and the internet will create a poster teaching us more about the assigned trait.
  • The posters should contain:  A title (the trait researching), a description that explains the trait and what it means for the family, and pictures illustrating what the trait looks like and/or sounds like within the family.
  • As students present their traits the class will complete the information by filling in the strong family traits chart.

Day 3

  • Practice identifying strong family traits by participating in the power point review activity.
  • Students will also apply their knowledge of these traits to the Robertson family as they view an episode of Duck Dynasty. (I’m partial to the first episode of Season 4:  Till Duck Do Us Part found here.)
  • After discussing the trait examples found in the case study have students identify the traits in their own families by completing the “How is my Family Strong?” worksheet.

Days 4 & 5

  • Show students a sample of what a PSA sounds like by listening to this PSA found on YouTube.  Then have students create their own PSA VOKI Style using their originally assigned trait and the VOKI website.
  • Students will write their PSA and create an avatar to share it with the teacher and eventually the class.   Students will then choose the BEST PSA for each strong family trait.






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