Pie Lab

Time Frame: 2 blocks

Objective: Given a demonstration on how to make an apple pie, students will make their own pie with 90% accuracy and evaluate factors that affect pie results.

National Standard: 8.4 Demonstrate planning menu items based on standardized recipes to meet customer needs.




  • Demonstration on how to roll out pie crust and make an apple pie
  • Questions:
    • How many of you have made a pie before?
    • How many of you have watched a family member make a pie?
    • What is your favorite pie?
    • What kinds of pie do you have for Thanksgiving?

    Background for teachers

    • I like to give my students a choice between several different pies depending on the season
    • Fall Semester: Apple, pumpkin, Swiss apple, apple cranberry crumble, pecan, cherry.
    • Spring Semester: Banana Cream, peanut butter, key lime, strawberry rhubarb, lemon meringue.


    • In their lab groups students will make their own individual pie
    • Students will sample demo apple pie
    • Students will start Pie Lab sheet using the text book


    • Whose pie did you think turned out the best and why?
    • If you were to make another pie what would you do differently next time?
    • Why is it necessary to cut holes in the top of the pie?
    • Why is it necessary to poke holes in the bottom of a one-crusted pie?
    • What is the secret to making flaky pie crusts?


    • Students will evaluate the apple pies and determine which one has the best appearance out of the whole class (Fill out Characteristics of High-Quality Pies)
    • Students will taste their pie
    • Students will answer lab questionsĀ  found on evaluation form
    • Finish/Review Pie Study Sheet



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