Equipment Activities: What am I?

My classroom runs much smoother when my students are engaged in interactive activities.  That’s one of the reasons why I POST.IT.NOTESlove these activities! The first is a fun little game that gets students up, moving around and tests their knowledge of basic equipment used in the kitchen, the sewing room, or the nursery.  All you need is a list of equipment and some post-it-notes or index cards.  This activity can be prepared as a one time use activity or you can make reusable cards with yarn.  This activity is very versatile and can be used like a pretest to see what students know about the basic equipment used in each area or it could be used as a review activity after teaching about them. Another fun review game is played on the laptop or electronic devices such as phones, ipads, tablets, etc. using a web-based technology called Kahoot.  Students beg to play this fun, interactive game and are very competitive. Try them out and be prepared to see your students engaged, learning and having fun all at the same time!


  • Post-it-Notes or Index Cards
  • Yarn if using Index Cards
  • List of Equipment
  • Laptops or Electronic Devices


  • First prepare your post-it-notes or index cards by writing the name of the equipment on each one.  Have at least one stack/set of notes/cards per group of two students.  You determine how many pieces of equipment you want in each stack/set, but make each stack/set different for each group (there can be overlap but you want variety).  If you are making reusable index cards you may want to laminate before hole punching and adding yarn.
  • Partner students up and have them sit across from each other if using post-it-notes.  If using index cards, have the students who will wear the cards sit with their back to their partner so the partner can see the cards.
  • If using post-it-notes, attach one stack to each student’s forehead and instruct students not to reveal what they can read on others’ foreheads.  If using index cards, hang over each student’s head so the card is on their back, word facing out.
  • When the teacher says “GO” the students looking at the notes/cards will give clues to help their partner guess the name of the equipment on their note/card.  Once equipment is named, remove it and repeat with remaining notes/cards.
  • Students may use “PASS” once if the equipment is too difficult.
  • The first group to get through their cards wins!
  • Once all of the groups are finished with their stack/set of  notes/cards , students pass them to a new group and the partner’s switch roles and repeat the activity with new notes/cards.
  • Note:  Below is a list of possible items to include with this activity.  It is by no means complete and you can certainly edit as desired.
  • To review using Kahoot just create an account as a teacher, make your review game by uploading pictures of equipment and the question “What am I?” or set it up with the function of the tool and the names of tools as responses. Don’t have time to create your own?  Choose an already public quiz to use and let the fun begin.  Students will log into, get a pin number, add their name and once the class is ready the quiz can be launched.  Remind students this game is not only about knowledge, but also about speed.  Students can’t wait to see if they’ve made the top 5 list.

Equipment Lists

  • Kitchen Examples:  paring knife, grater, cutting board, hot pad, rubber scraper, turner/spatula, skillet, sauce pan, cookie/baking sheet, baking pan, dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cup, measuring spoons, wooden spoon, whisk, pasta spoon, peeler, chef’s knife, and colander
  • Baby Examples:  diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, onesies, blanket, bib, stroller, crib, car seat, high chair, baby lotion/oil, baby monitor, changing table, bottles, breast pump, formula, sleepers, wash clothes/towels, pacifiers, mobile, play pen/yard, baby gym,  interfacing, and rattles
  • Sewing Examples:  thread, needles, straight pins, pin cushion, shears/scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, tape measure, slide ruler, pinking shears, seam ripper, thimble, fabric ink pen, white pencil, chalk, fabric, sewing machine, iron, ironing board, pattern,  buttons, zippers, snaps, and bobbins



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