Teaching About Fashion Trends

It’s interesting to watch the trends in fashion change as new ideas emerge and old favorites get an update! Like history, fashion is bound to repeat itself and what’s old will become “new” again to a new generation! If you teach a course on fashion, you no doubt incorporate a lesson or unit on fashion trends. Read on to get an update on activities for teaching an old favorite!


  • Ask students to answer the following question: What do you think is the difference between trend and fashion? Students can do a google search to find the answers and then they can proceed to the next part.
  • Place two jeopardy style phrases on the screen or board and have students discern which is defining trend and which is defining fashion in the form of a question. Phrase #1: Latest and popular styles of clothing, hair, and decoration. Answer: What is fashion? Phrase #2: Popular at a particular point in time. What is a trend?


  • iPad or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Printed Trends from Fashion Trend Slide Show (may want to laminate)


  • Depending on the level of knowledge your students have you may want to provide them with an insight on the basic history of fashion using the TPT Freebie titled “Fashion History Basics“. This is optional.
  • I took a fun history tour from MSN title Popular fashion trends from the year you were born and turned it into a power point slide show and then printed them off onto card stock and laminated for durability. As the instructor you can use as many or as few of the pictures as you want. In addition, the possible activities that I will mention can be used in a variety of ways with individual, small groups or whole class.
  • Activity #1: Use the entire slide deck and have students create a class fashion trends timeline in the order they think each fashion trend was popular and then use the slide show as a way to self or class correct.
  • OR…
  • Activity #2: Pass out all of the cards and then have students sort them by category or fashion piece. Then have them sequence the category by era.
  • Activity #3: Presort the cards by category or fashion pieces (dresses, jeans, shoes, hats, etc.) and have students sequence by era, but also further research how the fashion trend has evolved. Students can present how and why the trends occurred and what may have influenced them historically.
  • As an individual assessment, students complete the “Fashion History Family Interview Questions” and Project…another TPT Freebie! This is a great way for students to talk and engage with their family members!


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