Fashion Styles Project

Are your students into fashion?  Do any of your students sport a specific fashion style?  This is a two part project, however, the second part could be optional.  It’s an easy introductory activity to use at the beginning of a school year or course, especially if your classroom is a revolving door with schedule changes. It could even be used as a sub plan because it doesn’t involve a lot of fashion lingo or background fashion information in order to complete. These assignments get students researching and creating immediately with some additional extensions that can be used to further add to the activity!


  • Ask students what the difference is between fashion and style (in their own words) and have them share their results.  They may utilize the internet to  complete this.
  • Bottom line:  Fashion is external–meaning what’s available in stores.  Style is internal–meaning it portrays what’s on the inside: our confidence, personality and sense of self.
  • Show students the below quotes by designers and celebrities to further explain the concept.



  • Throughout the years, several distinctive fashion styles have emerged.  We are going to learn more about what those styles are all about.
  • Introduce the Fashion Styles Project (see below) to students.  This can be an individual or group assignment depending on your class size.  Randomly assign students a fashion style to research and complete the notes section of the guide sheet.  Fashion style options can be found in the attachments below.
  • Once students have their information, they put together a presentation about their fashion style along with two advertisements they create to promote their style.  Presentations can be made using Adobe Spark, Canva or Google Slides.
  • The internet can be used for the fashion style information, but I provide a reference sheet from ReadWriteThink Advertising Techniques they can use.
  • Once the presentations and advertisements are complete, students present them to the class.  Students can take notes–this is an optional activity, but it could be used to help students complete a review or quiz about the fashion styles.
  • If you are having students take notes, create a Kahoot or Quizizz review game titled “Name that Style” that incorporates information and picture examples that students have to use their notes to complete.
  • For fun, students could predict their fashion style and then complete some online quizzes to determine if their prediction is correction.  Some online quizzes include: Style Type Quiz or What’s Your Real Fashion Style?
  • Finally, if you wanted a more in-depth extension project, students could curate a collection of clothing items and accessories that encompass their own fashion style. You could even attach a budget that students must stay within as they make their choices. The cohesive collection might include 20 items :
    • 4 Tops (shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, t-shirt)
    • 3 Bottoms (pants, skirts)
    • 1 Pair of Jeans
    • 1 Dress (female) Suit (male)
    • 4 Accessories (jewelry, scarf, bag, belts)
    • 3 Layers (jackets, sweaters, ponchos, coats, blazers)
    • 4 Shoes (casual, dress, etc. that coordinate with your clothing pieces)


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

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