Kitchen Hazards Flipgrid Style

Before I even think about letting my students into the kitchens to cook, I want to be sure they have a good working knowledge of the do’s and don’ts associated with kitchen safety. Kitchen Hazards Flipgrid Style is just one of the activities I use to convey and reinforce that concept. There are a lot of things I like about this activity. First, it’s mostly student-directed, secondly, it uses technology and third, it involves a variety of the 4 C’s: collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.


  • To introduce this assignment, show students the video “Guy’s Kitchen Do’s & Don’ts” from the Food Network to illustrate what they are going to be doing.
  • Download the Flipgrid App if necessary and provide students with the necessary code.
  • Assign students’ their kitchen safety topic. This assignment can be done individually or with a partner depending on your class size.


  • iPads or Devices that can record video
  • Screen & Projector
  • Kitchen Props
  • Flipgrid App & Account
  • Quizizz


  • Students will plan their kitchen safety script and video and gather any props they might be using. They need to make sure they have included both the Do’s & Don’ts to their topic.
  • Student view the Flipgrid tutorial before recording so they know what they are doing.
  • Record videos using the Flipgrid App & code and then save it to the grid.
  • On the second day, students view each other’s Flipgrid videos and complete the Safety Hazards Chart.
  • Students then apply their kitchen safety information to Quizizzscenarios which we discuss afterwards and eventually they will have a test assessing their knowledge of kitchen safety.


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