First Aid Injury Scenarios: Flipgrid Style

If you teach a unit on handling childhood injuries, this lesson is a must for you to try! After learning about Flipgrid through a teacher in-service, Diane Senkoski, a sixth grade FACS teacher from Pennsylvania,  created a super engaging lesson for students of all ages, using the free app. Even if you are not a 1:1 school or have access to technology, the lesson can be easily adapted for live performances!  So, what are you waiting for…set up your free Fligprid account and get started!


  • Prior to researching and using Flipgrid, talk about general safety in the house and handling different types of emergencies.  Diane talks to the kids about having a fire escape plan, child proofing, how to handle storms/electricity going out, etc.
  • This really is a lesson for the students to teach themselves so she doesn’t go into specifics about first aid, only that they are going to be researching how to handle different types of first aid emergencies and creating a teaching video for the class.



  • Divide the class into 6 groups.  Assign each group a first aid emergency to research using the provided QR codes and Research Worksheet. The first aid information is a compilation from Kids Health.
  • Students then write a script for their skit. Each group member needs to have a role in the movie (ex. babysitter, child, parent(s), video recording, 911 operator, etc.).  As students write their script they need to think about what they will and do, being sure to include the required skit information from the research worksheet.
  • After students do a few practice runs of their skit, they create a video of the skit in Flipgrid (see guide sheet below for specific directions).  Students are reminded to be serious as this is a video to teach someone how to treat a specific first aid emergency.
  • After all videos are produced and on Flipgrid, students independently view other groups videos as they fill in the First Aid Injury Chart.
  • Advice from Diane:  First make sure your school has the app available for students to download onto their devices. Also, make an example or at least walk through the process so when kids have questions, you are able to answer them. Diane says she created the direction page, while actually recording a video on Flipgrid and then writing down the steps exactly.  The student feedback received has been positive and adds that the beauty of this lesson is that students are teaching themselves the information first and then teaching their peers!


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