Ideas for Teaching Color Schemes

Whether teaching about fashion or interior decorating, color is an important concept to include. Believe it or not there is a lot of depth and meaning associated with choosing color and using it in design and decorating. Check out the resources below for some colorful ideas!


  • Bell Ringer:  Do colors have personalities and symbolic meanings?  Explain and give an example.
  • Colors do actually have personalities and symbolic meanings.  To find out the personality and symbolism behind each color go to this website learn more about it’s profile.
  • See how color influences or impacts your mood, emotions and behaviors via this YouTube clip.
  • To learn and understand more about color, view this video, “Understanding Color“.
  • To learn how to use the color wheel and understand color theory, refer to this “Interactive Color Wheel”.


  • Hannah Baldwin, a Missouri FACS teacher, shared this interactive Color Psychology Internet activity that she developed and used in her Interior Design class.
  • To help explain, reinforce or review the color schemes, view this video clip.
  • To help figure out color schemes that can be used with a specific color, students can utilize the interactive Color Wheel Color Calculator.
  • Color and create various color wheels using the Color Wheel Cutouts below.
  • Assign students the goal of perusing magazines looking for fashion or interior decorating examples of each color scheme to include in a portfolio.  This will help them utilize the color wheel and become more familiar with the various color schemes.  Students can also explain the mood and feeling behind the color choices by using their notes on the psychology of color.
  • If you teach Interior Design or Decorating, you might like the Candle Votive Assignment shared by Elizabeth Meersman, a FACS teacher from Illinois to help reinforce color scheme.  It’s a nice project for students to take home when finished.  You will need to purchase tissue paper, mod podge, votive candle holders and battery lights or you can use baby food jars or mason jars.  Here is a YouTube video illustrating the process:  How to Make a Tissue Collage Party Jar.  See guide sheet below.
  • Elizabeth Meersman also assigns her students a magazine tracing assignment (found below) which also helps reinforce the color scheme information.
  • If you have access to technology, you can have your students design a room in 2D or 3D around color schemes using the feature on the Olioboard website.
  • In need of a reading assignment about color psychology, check out this free article and questions from TPT.

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