Sleep Safety & SIDS Lesson & Activities

This is such an important topic to teach about, one I’ve honestly struggled with over the years. However, when teaching about infant safety this school year, I decided it was high time I put my trepidation aside and created the below lesson and activities.  I’m not sure I’ve given the topic the justice it deserves, but it’s a start!  As always, if you have additional ideas, please share in the comment section.


  • Survey students with the following questions, discussing their reasons as to why or why not.
    • Would you put a bumper pad in your baby’s crib?
    • Would you put a stuffed animal in your baby’s crib?
    • Would you put a pillow in your baby’s crib?
    • Would you put a blanket in your baby’s crib?
    • Would you put your baby in bed with you and your spouse/partner to sleep?
    • Would you put your baby in a box to sleep?


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen


  • The last question above really throws students off base as noted in the expressions on their faces!  So, we begin by reading THIS article about baby boxes.  Students are asked to record 3 key points about it and their reaction to the concept.  Are they for it? Against?  Why?
  • Students begin sharing their key points and reactions with their shoulder neighbor and then we commence to sharing as a whole class.
  • To help understand and drive home the information why safe sleep is so important in reducing SIDS, show students the Safe to Sleep video, having them complete the Pre/Post Guide prior to and after viewing.  Go over answers or collect for a grade if time is limited.
  • Show students what a Safe Sleep Environment looks like via the handout below.
  • Next, have students use the information learned to complete the Safe Sleep Environment Inspection created by Tiffany Cantrell of Ridgeland High School in Georgia who graciously gave me permission to share this with you!  This activity can be done digitally or as a paper assignment.
  • Finally, have students create dimensional billboards out of cardboard shirt boxes to raise awareness of SIDS and/or safe sleep practices for new parents and caregivers. This project is completed outside of class.


Digital Version

  • Infants & Safe Sleep (please make a copy)–Thank you Marissa Maltz for adapting this and sharing it back!

Image courtesy of khunaspix of Free Digital Photos.

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