A Culinary Introduction: My Slice of the Pie

Most teachers spend a few days at the beginning of the new school year doing activities that help them get to know their students better. These types of activities help teachers learn more about their students and also begin to help establish a positive teacher-student rapport. A Culinary Introduction: “My Slice of the Pie” is an engaging food themed activity shared by Sherwood High School’s ProStart teacher Lisa Gilbert of Maryland. Read on to learn more…


  • During the first week of school, Lisa provides her ProStart 1 students with a copy of “My Slice of the Pie”. Instead of having students complete the entire form in one sitting (it’s really too long for one class period), however, she only assigns a few of the questions each day. This helps to spread it over the first week and helps her get to know her student a little at a time.
  • Minimal supplies are needed for this assignment: Copies and writing utensils….of course colored pencils are always an option!
  • Because only a few prompts/questions are given each day, remaining class time can be spent on other beginning of the year necessities such as passing out textbooks, going over class syllabus, seating charts, rules, procedures, team building activities, etc.
  • Lisa also included a template for a name tent so she can learn the names of her students more quickly. In addition, there is a definition for hospitality which could be replaced with something if desired.


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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