What Children Need Silhouettes

What do children need physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially in order to grow and develop? Students brainstorm ideas and share their knowledge of children’s needs to raise awareness and show others the responsibilities of parents and caregivers as they create their own “What Children Need Silhouettes”.


  • Ask students what children need? Students then brainstorm a list of what children need physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially from their parents and/or caregivers. I ask them to list as many as they can per category.
  • Then show the video titled “How to be a Great Parent” for inspiration and have students see how many words and phrases they have in comparison to the clip. They may add a couple of words from the video to their lists to round them out, but must make sure they have a variety of their own as well. If students get stuck, they can turn to class notes and resources for help.



  • After students have generated their lists, they may select a silhouette and some gel pens to work with. I only make a few copies of each so we end up with a variety of examples.
  • Students create a word cloud within their chosen silhouette, using their generated list and neatly and creatively write out their words and short phrases. Words and short phrases should be “splashed” in a variety of directions, utilizing the space in a visually pleasing manner.
  • After all of the words and phrases are added to the silhouette, students cut around the outline, adding their name to the back. Projects are displayed on the class bulletin board after sharing with class.


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