Hands On with Housing Styles

So many houses, so many styles! How do you choose which styles to teach?  You randomly assign the more common styles to your students and let them share their information with the class in a cooperative, interactive manner, of course!  That way, all students receive the information, but are only responsible for researching one style. Accordingly, if you are giving students a quiz or test on the materials, you can tailor it to the styles selected by your students by having them create the questions as part of their assignment!


  • Can you match the house to the cartoon?  Take this QUIZ to find out.  You may know what the houses of your favorite cartoon characters look like, but can you identify the style?
  • As you can see, there are a variety of housing styles!  You will each be responsible for learning about a specific style and sharing it with the class.  Note:  Teacher will determine if this assignment is to be individually or partner completed based on class size.


  • Laptops or iPads
  • Projector & Screen
  • Supplies for 3-D Housing Models (optional)


  • Each student or small groups of students will be assigned a housing style project (see guide sheet below) to further research/explain.  Learn more about various housing styles using this website #1 and website #2 and website #3.
  • Students research must include: an illustration of an actual house, features of the housing style, the time period it was most famous, and at least one historical fact associated with the time period of the style in a Google Doc or Slide that will be shared with me via Google Classroom.  I will print off the information for students and it will be placed with their mini-model during the gallery walk.
  • Students must create a 3D mini-model of their housing style out of materials such as cardstock, play-doh/clay, empty tissue boxes, milk cartons and/or other cardboard boxes/craft supplies, incorporating at least 3 of the features specific to their housing style.  It’s up to you as to whether you supply any of the model materials or leave it completely up to your students. Look on YouTube for tutorials such as this one.  See this play-doh sample
  • Students will also create 4 questions/answers for a Kahoot “Name that Housing Style Review Game” that correspond to their assigned  housing style using this free TPT template.  I actually create the review game once I have all of their templates.
  • Share housing style information via an interactive gallery walk for others to learn more about. Students will receive a digital notes form to be used in the gallery walk that will be used to add additional information about each housing style. Students will photograph each of the models created and insert them into their notes document.  Additionally, students will screenshot their completed notes and share them with me via Google Classroom so I know they have all of the information prior to the review.
  • As an extension or bonus assignment, I ask students to evaluate the  housing style they live in?  They are to take a photo of their house and label the housing style using the PicMonkey App and share with me.
  • Finally, review housing styles by playing the Kahoot “Name that Housing Styles” game created with questions students created.


Image courtesy of suphakit73 at Free Digial Photos

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