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What do Babies Think? Alternative Activity

This is an activity I came up with after reading the What do Babies Think Lesson previously shared on the website. I couldn’t assign the experiment included in the lesson because my students didn’t have access to children in that age range, but I did find a site where students could find their own interesting picture of a baby and literally put baby’s thoughts into words. It’s called “Blabberize” and it’s super easy to use and free and my students had a great time with it. I made a class account and students just saved their work individually which also saved trees and in the end they can view each others work very easily.

Bedtime Fears & Fear Me Not Community Service Lessons

This amazing lesson is the Winner of our Child Development Lesson Plan Competition! The goal of this lesson is to explore bedtime issues/fears of children & how to respond to them. Students will also create a community service project called “Fear-Me-Not” characters to help children in abuse shelters feel more secure and safe during their stay.

Storybird Literacy Project

This project encourages students to write their own children’s book using the STORYBIRD free website. They don’t even have to be artistic as templates from a variety of artists are available for use. After they write their book they create a VOKI to encourage others to read it. VOKI is also a free website where student create a talking avatar. Students can create books on any themes or you can assign a specific theme. The possibilities are limitless.

Social Media & Consumerism

This lesson is primarily one that promotes awareness and critical thinking about advertising and the subtleties that can influence consumers like students through a medium they are all too familiar with. I think of this lesson like an informatory discussion with your child about how not every person they meet is a safe person. This lesson is about teaching caution by thinking & researching before jumping on every trend and by analyzing the company’s point of view and intentions so students can make smart, informed decisions about what they participate in online.

Learn to Cook While Learning French: The Kitchen of the Future

Most of us have listened to TV while cooking before introducing the future kitchen that talks to you. Learn French and how to cook all at the same time. The concept similar to the Wii’s motion sensor senses what you are doing and walks you through the process of making a dish.

Sandwich Glog Project

Tired of messy physical posters? Introducing Glogs–virtual, interactive posters that don’t take up physical space and are a blast to create. Use this new virtual poster technology with any subject! This lesson is a fast, fun way to teach students about sandwiches and incorporate technology all at the same time!

Edmodo: A Classroom Community Network

Good, free educational technology is a great thing. Create a private Facebook-like community for your specific class. It’s free to sign up and easy to use especially if you have used Facebook before. Keep your class engaged in learning beyond the classroom.

Food Borne Illness Animoto Project

This is an investigative project for students to research specific food borne illnesses in more depth and then visually showcase them through Animoto, a free site that turns photos and video clips into professional video slideshows in minutes.

Mint.com Personal Finance for the Technologically Savvy Generation

Teaching personal finance can be a challenge especially if you have all the old, outdated resources that emphasis doing just about all your budgeting, check writing, goal setting, etc on paper. Students start the eye roll as soon as you hand out the “how to write a check” worksheet. Granted, they should know how to fill out a check even if they only use their debit card now. The world is changing and we want students to be turned on to being good financial stewards. This means we need to help them find technologically advanced ways to keep track of their spending, budget, and set goals. One of my personal favorite free personal finance websites is Mint.com.

Where to get free clip art

With so many things needing pictures these days, I thought many of you would appreciate a place to get free clip art. These are some of the best photo and image sites. Use clip art to enhance your PowerPoints, website, and worksheets!