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There’s a big emphasis right now in many school districts to use technology not only to keep students interested and prepare them for the real world, but also to use less paper.  For many this is no problem, for others it’s scary because it’s new territory and out of our comfort zone!  This easy to use and free technology source allows your students to create interactive timelines for historical data, life events, stories and research projects.

Time Frame:  2-3 periods (possibly more depending on depth of timeline)

Class Size: 12-16


  • Laptops/Computers

FACS Timeline Possibilities

  • Projected Student Family Life Cycle Timelines
  • Prenatal Development of Baby Throughout Pregnancy
  • Effects & Changes of Pregnancy to Expectant Mother
  • History of Child Development Theorists
  • Personal History of Childhood
  • History of French Cuisine
  • History of Certain Foods or Products
  • History of Fashion & Trends



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