Storybird Literacy Project

This project encourages students to write their own children’s book using the STORYBIRD website.  They don’t even have to be artistic as templates from a variety of artists are available for use.  After they write their book they create a VOKI to encourage others to read it.  VOKI is also a free website where student create a talking avatar.  Students can create books on any themes or you can assign a specific theme.  The possibilities are limitless.

Time Frame: 1 block


  • 12.3.2  Analyze the role of communication on human growth and development.
  • 15.2.1  Choose nurturing practices that support human growth and development.


  • Projector & Screen
  • SMART Board

Background for Teachers

  • You should sign up for these sites before class to familiarize yourself and create a sample Storybird to show the class. Also, if you are teaching a preschool class and want stories for each unit assign topics that the students should write the stories about.


  • Write a digital children’s book using the website and then encourage a child to read it with a Voki book hook!
  • Create a Voki, a talking avatar, which gives children an exciting summary of your book without giving away too much information.
  • Instructions on how to sign up for each of these sites is in the directions attachment below.


  • Students will write and read a story that they create using the Storybird and Voki websites.
  • As a class watch/listen to all the stories that the class created.


  • Storybird and Voki are graded according to the rubrics in the project instructions attachment.



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