What do Babies Think? Alternative Activity

This is an activity I came up with after reading the What do Babies Think Lesson previously shared on the website.  I couldn’t assign the experiment included in the lesson because my students didn’t have access to children in that age range, but I did find a site where students could find their own interesting picture of a baby and literally put baby’s thoughts into words.  It’s called “Blabberize” and it’s super easy to use and free and my students had a great time with it. I made a class account and students just saved their work individually which also saved trees and in the end they can view each others work very easily.

Background for Teachers

  • Create a class login and password on Blabberize.com for your class to use.


  • Choose 2-3 pictures of a baby interacting with something unique, with interesting facial expressions and a clear view of the baby’s mouth. Save the pictures in digital format.
  • Go to Blabberize.com
  • Upload your picture with “Browse” and crop if necessary.
  • Edit “mouth” shape by moving dots.
  • Write down what you think the baby is thinking including the appropriate voice/tone the baby is saying it.
  • Click the “microphone” icon and red dot to record the baby’s thoughts.
  • Listen to the recording and redo if necessary.
  • Save and complete all 3 boxes.
  • Students should put their in the title box and click “private” to save.


  • Graded activity with score sheet included in project instructions



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